Woman in hat with thin white horse
Kate Hosali, one of SPANA's founders. Thanks to your ongoing support, 2023 marks 100 years since our vital work began.

We are delighted to share with you your special centenary edition of Stablemate, highlighting just some of our achievements from the past year.

This is SPANA’s 100th year and I’d like to start our birthday celebrations by saying a huge thank you to all of you who make our work possible. Even with the difficulties of the ongoing cost of living crisis, you have been so wonderfully generous these past 12 months. Your unwavering support has helped transform the welfare of hundreds of thousands of working animals.

Along with many uncertainties, climate change is causing increasingly unpredictable weather in the areas in which we work. In our newsletter, you can read about the emergency response work we are doing to save ill and abandoned animals in flood-stricken parts of Uganda. This is vital and urgent work that is only made possible with your kind donations.

Warm and damp climates also make the perfect breeding ground for many parasites, the source of so much anguish for working animals. You can read the heart-breaking story of Maua, a donkey who almost died from a parasitic disease known as ‘sleeping sickness’. Parasites are one of the most common problems that affect working animals worldwide but are also relatively inexpensive and easy to treat.

A problem that’s much harder to treat is the highly contagious disease EZL, which blights working animals across Ethiopia. This horrific and painful disease causes no end of misery, but thankfully our SPANA vets on the ground are doing all they can to stop it spreading.

We also need your support to give working animals access to essential dental treatment. Overgrown teeth are a serious issue for horses, donkeys and mules, and in extreme cases can stop them eating and cause a long, slow death. Read about how elderly donkey Sami was saved from starvation and how you can help others like him.

Finally, to mark our centenary, we’ve showcased some of the fantastic achievements you’ve made possible over the years. It really is staggering how much SPANA has managed to accomplish thanks to your kindness.

While reflecting on our achievements to see how far we’ve come is important, there are still so many working animals who need our help. If you can, please consider making a gift today to ease their suffering. Thank you so much for your support.

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With warmest wishes,

Linda Edwards
Chief Executive

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