Two Mauritanian donkeys

donkey walking and carrying a large load

Spring raffle fast responder winner announcement

Thanks to everyone who has entered our 2019 Lucky Horseshoe Spring Raffle. Your kindness helps make life better for working animals around the world.

horse getting treatment

Sami’s car collision catastrophe

Read how SPANA helped Sami the horse after she was struck by a car.

a camel again a blue sky

Lucky’s unlucky itch

When Lucky the camel developed an itch, his owner Satee suspected mange. Unsure how to help his camel’s growing discomfort, Satee turned to SPANA for...

donkey looking into the camera

The tail of an injured donkey

When Neela the donkey had a nasty tail sore, her owner was worried about infection and unsure how best to help. Read how SPANA helped...

horse with elderly owner

Sarie bounces back

A Tunisian mare suffers from an agonising case of colic and gets vital treatment from SPANA vets at the market. Read how SPANA helped here.

horse standing with owner

Arifa’s limp threatens her future

Aziz rescued Arifa from a market giving her a new lease of life. But, an accident threatened to derail her recovery. Read how SPANA helped...

camel close up

Mitul’s loss of appetite

Mitul the camel was becoming increasingly lethargic and quickly dropping weight as a result of an unknown illness. Find out how SPANA help here.

a donkey with his owner

Hiba’s mysterious weight loss

Hiba the donkey was losing weight and refusing to eat or drink. A lifeline for her arthritic owner Hussein, time was short. Read how SPANA...

Jordan donkeys behind the fence

Lucky Horseshoe Autumn raffle winners announcement

Thanks to everyone who entered the Lucky Horseshoe Spring Raffle, making life better for working animals around the world. View the raffle winners here

elephant with one tusk

Concentrating on the tusk in hand

Read about how the spread of Thein Ko Gyi’s infection was halted by SPANA’s intervention.

sayma spana intern

A day in the life: Sayma

Each month, we meet a different member of the team to learn about their experience working for SPANA. This month, we meet Sayma, an intern...

woman standing with a donkey

A day in the life: Victoria

Veterinary Programme Advisor Victoria is one of the head office vets manages our nine core countries and our many outreach and partnership projects.