Working together

Beyond the reach of SPANA’s centres, millions of working animals lack access to lifesaving veterinary treatment, most owners will receive no formal training and children will often grow up to view animals as little more than tools.

But by working together with trusted third party organisations, SPANA can improve the lives of hardworking animals in even the most remote communities.

Our outreach programme provides short term funding to organisations that can demonstrate expertise in treating animals, teaching children and training owners or professionals.

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Read more about our current veterinary and education outreach projects below.


Costa Rica Equine Welfare (CREW), Bambito

For the second year, SPANA worked with CREW to deliver humane education lessons for primary schoolchildren in the Guaymi and Nabe indigenous reserves.


Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS), Lofa

The project aims to improve children’s relationships with animals through a variety of activities, including drama, role play, stories, and games.


Coastal Horse Care Unit,
Cato Ridge

Children between the ages of 12 and 17 are given the opportunity to learn how to improve their animal husbandry skills at special five day educational camps.


Donyaepa, Tamale

SPANA has been collaborating with Donyaepa since 2014, educating children and training community volunteers to empower owners to take basic donkey care into their own hands.


GSPCA, Accra

Working in selected schools in the Ga East region of Accra, GSPCA effectively promoted animal welfare through humane education lessons delivered to more than 500 children.


TOLFA, Rajasthan

TOLFA develops compassion for working animals among children through humane education classes supported by specially designed workbooks and an animated film.


CAMDA, Dundgobi

With SPANA’s help, CAMDA is refurbishing a series of traditional pit wells that provide the primary source of otherwise scarce and lifesaving water to working animals in the region all year round.


AMARTE Foundation, Managua

The AMARTE Foundation are investigating Babesiosis, which is fatal in around half of all infected donkeys, to develop better programmes for treating and preventing the disease.


JBF Scotland, Quetta

SPANA has been supporting JBF Scotland since 2016 in providing free veterinary care and owner education in Quetta to overcome issues such as animal dehydration, malnourishment and overworking.


CCA-SL, Kanga

CCA-SL is developing a better understanding of the needs of working animals while promoting compassion and empathy among children in schools and in local communities.


Horn SPCA, Somaliland

SPANA has been collaborating with Horn SPCA since 2016 to improve donkey welfare in Hargeisa city by treating animals, training vets and teaching local owners about proper welfare.


AmaTrac Uluntu (formely FACE), Grahamstown

This project inspired young people to respect working animals using a network of local ‘working donkey champions’ to encourage behavioural change.


Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals, Arusha

This project supported eight schools to deliver animal welfare lessons. Local donkey owners were also taught how to construct simple and comfortable harnesses, carts and packsaddles for their animals.


Meru Animal Welfare Organisation (MAWO), Arusha

SPANA has been working with MAWO since 2016 to improve the wellbeing of working donkeys by training community-based donkey champions to provide basic care, first aid and owner training.


Sokoine University,

SPANA teamed up with Sokoine University to conduct a study to assess the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of donkey owners. This helped us to devise targeted community training programmes on animal handling.

Drawing from Action for protection of Wild Animals


APOWA: Action for protection of Wild Animals, Odisha State

This project teaches humane and animal welfare education though a ‘kindness kids’ programme in schools.

Exercise book


Nigeria SPCA: Nigeria Society for Protection Cruelty of Animals

The project trains teachers to deliver humane education and sets up kindness and animal clubs in schools.

Schoolgirl and donkey


Lupane Youth for Development, Lupane

 Education and animal welfare clubs teach children about how to care for animals and how useful animals are to a community.

Classroom in Tanzania


TAWESO: Tanzania Animal Welfare Society

Training schoolchildren, donkey operators and owners in basic donkey care and proper working conditions for animals.

Humane education class in Tanzania


TAPO: Tanzania Animal Protection Organisation

This project is training teachers to promote donkey care and humane education in schools and through school clubs.