Four men standing with horse
Four men standing with horse

Our work

What we do

We work in some of the poorest and most remote areas of the world, improving the lives of working animals that plough fields and transport goods, people and water.

We’re the world’s leading charity helping all species of working animals – and, for many animals, SPANA vets are the only ones they’ll ever see. SPANA protects working animals today by vet treatment and help in emergencies. But we’re also building a better future for working animals by teaching children compassion and training owners in proper care.

Discover how we’re helping working animals through veterinary treatment, training and education, and how you can support SPANA’s work by making a donation.

by providing free veterinary care when animals suffer
by building expertise among vets and promoting humane care by animal owners.
children to develop positive beliefs, respect and compassion towards animals.
we help in times of crisis

Our current projects

SPANA works around the world to improve the welfare of working animals by treating, training and teaching. Find out more about our current projects below.

Donkey carrying four large containers with a man wearing a white shirt walking alongside it

Helping working animals in Tunisia

Find out more about how SPANA helps working animals in Tunisia.

Working donkey pulling a cart with a large box on top across the sand

Helping working animals in Mauritania

Find out more about how SPANA helps working animals in Mauritania.

A grey donkey carrying a load on its back with a small brown donkey following behind

Helping working animals in Ethiopia

Find out more about how SPANA helps working animals in Ethiopia.

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