SPANA vet Erick treats a donkey during a mobile clinic in ZImbabwe


Alongside our outreach projects, SPANA also invests in longer term partnerships with universities, community groups and NGOs who share our vision. These trusted partners provide us with a cost effective means to improve professional skills, treat more animals and extend our education services to even more countries. Having developed Clinical Skills Centres (CSCs) at universities in Senegal and Mozambique, our veterinary team is now developing new CSCs with partners in several additional countries. CSCs give veterinary students and professionals the chance to further develop their skills, supporting sustainable improvements in animal welfare.

SPANA’s education team is also building partnerships with schools across Africa, putting animal welfare at the heart of the curriculum and building a more compassionate future for working animals across the continent

Focus: PAWS Clubs

SPANA has been working together with the African Network for Animals Welfare (ANAW) since 2013 to develop schoolsbased clubs (PAWS Clubs) in Kenya.

Children learning about animal welfare at a SPANA-funded club in Kenya

The clubs raise awareness of animal welfare issues, and aim to increase positive attitudes and levels of empathy in children so that animals are treated with greater care, kindness and compassion in the future. By 2016, PAWS Clubs were reaching 1,650 children across 33 schools – up from 1,150 children the previous year. An academic evaluation of the PAWS Clubs indicated a strong positive effect on children’s thoughts and feelings towards animals. Working in collaboration with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, ANAW has also been successful in introducing animal welfare into