Two smiling women and a horse in a lab
Two smiling women and a horse in a lab

Veterinary volunteers

Could you do veterinary volunteer work? Put your skills to the test

Get involved in our volunteer programme and put your skills and knowledge to great use treating animals in Morocco. You will have the opportunity to gain experience of conditions rarely seen in the UK, develop your clinical skills, and exchange knowledge and ideas with local SPANA vets.

SPANA operates a volunteer programme for qualified vets in Morocco. This is an enormously rewarding experience both for the veterinary volunteers and for SPANA’s local vets.

Visiting different areas of Morocco, you’ll make a difference to working equids and the lives of families who depend on them.

How your expertise can help working animals:

  • Share your experience and up to date knowledge with members of the SPANA team
  • Help teach Moroccan vet students during their EMS placements in SPANA centres
  • Be part of a valuable cultural and language exchange
  • Collect case studies and take photographs that can be used for our publicity and fundraising
  • Be part of the SPANA community, taking part in future support and fundraising for SPANA

Most of the work carried out by our volunteers is focused on horses, donkeys and mules. You’re likely to be placed in Marrakech initially, with a team that’s used to speaking English and working alongside volunteers.

We encourage our volunteers to spend between two weeks and four months with us (accommodation is provided throughout your stay). We cannot accept more than two volunteers starting at one time, but if you want to stay for longer than a month we can arrange for you to move beyond Marrakech and join up with one of our other clinics in Morocco.

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis.

What you need to apply


  • Full veterinary qualifications with a recognised degree (BVetMed, BVSc, BVM&S, DVM, VetMB) – sorry, no students accepted for this programme. These qualifications are recognised in Morocco.
  • Up to date CV, including details of two English speaking referees
  • Covering letter explaining why you would like to volunteer, what you expect to gain from the experience and the qualities that make you suitable
  • Independent attitude plus diplomatic style and adaptability to work in a different environment
  • Ideally experience of travelling in less developed countries
  • Ideally French language skills

For more information and to apply please email [email protected]

Preparing for the programme


  • Take out fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance
  • Arrange and pay for your air fare
  • Visit your GP for health advice on this region, book in a rabies vaccination course and make sure your tetanus is up to date
  • Making the most of your volunteer experience

For more information, and to apply, please email [email protected]

When you get home

On your return we’ll ask you to produce a 300 to 500 word report on your visit, including case studies and photographs. This piece of work will be extremely useful, giving us material for publicity and fundraising purposes. It’s also important that you spread the word about SPANA, telling your colleagues and contacts about the programme and your experiences.

We have a practice talk pack you can use at client evenings and similar events to raise awareness of SPANA’s work.