One Off

could help pay for medicines and ointments to clean infected wounds of four donkeys


could help pay for soft, padded harnesses for 10 horses like Jafar so they can work in comfort


could help pay for a surgical procedure, anti-inflammatories and hospital recovery for debilitating conditions



SPANA Ethiopia staff treating large woman on horse's front

Dangerous harnesses cut, scrape and rub at the skin

…leading to extremely painful sores, abscesses and infection. If left untreated they can be devastating to an animal’s quality of life.

When his owner, Kassahun, brought Jafar to our clinic in Ethiopia, he was in terrible pain.

Jafar pulls heavy loads seven hours a day, seven days a week. His harness had rubbed and rubbed against his skin, leaving a horrible open wound on his chest.

Thanks to the kindness of supporters like you, our vets had the antiseptics to clean his wound and anti-inflammatories to reduce the swelling and pain. Jafar’s wound had become infected, so he was given appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection and thankfully he’s expected to make a full recovery from his ordeal.

At the same time, Kassahun was given padding for Jafar’s harness. He was also shown how to make more of the padding and how to attach it. With these new skills, he can make sure Jafar does not suffer such awful pain in the future.