One Off

can feed an exhausted working animal for five days


can provide a properly fitting harness to replace one that causes painful sores


buys 25 padded doughnut bandages allowing wounds to heal while animals continue working


can buy 10 doses of tetanus antitoxin to prevent tetanus



Kadi the donkey collapsing under the weight of a rubbish cart

Animals, not machines

Working animals like Kadi aren’t treated as living, breathing creatures

They’re treated like machines.

Walking over broken glass and twisted metal, toiling in the heat and stench with tonnes of rubbish weighing her down, this exhausted donkey couldn’t take any more. Her legs gave way, and she collapsed in the mud.

Life doesn’t get any tougher for a donkey than working on the rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali’s capital city. Donkeys are collapsing and dying from exhaustion and dehydration.

That’s where SPANA, the charity for the working animals of the world, comes in.

We work in poor countries like Mali, Mauritania and Ethiopia, providing free veterinary treatment and educating owners. When Kadi collapsed, a team from our local veterinary centre were already at the dump immunising donkeys against tetanus. They rushed to her aid and gently lifted her to her feed.

Our vet gave Kadi the two things she desperately needed: a drink of water, and some high-protein feed.

Without your help, Kadi may have not even had this. We are the only hope for many, many thousands of working animals around the world. The weighed down…and the weary. They desperately need your support. Please, give whatever you can spare today.