One Off

could pay for an education course for four animal owners, so they can spot the early signs of hoof problems and help lameness.


could pay towards a 5 day farriery course to help a local farrier improve their skills in hoof care.


could pay for padded bandages, antiseptic cream and pain-relieving medication to treat the painful injuries of a lame animal.



Lameness is one of the most common problems our vets face, wherever they go.

It’s a complex condition that can be caused by many different problems such as arthritis, bone fracture and tendon strain, but is most commonly caused by problems in the foot. If an animal does develop lameness, it can lead to excruciating pain that can go untreated for months, if not years.

Just try to imagine it: working up to 16 hours a day, pulling a heavy load, on an injury that’s only getting worse.

Now imagine that this could potentially all be avoided. This is why we urgently need your help.

Just recently Dama arrived at our Bishoftu clinic in Ethiopia with his owner Tesema. The short walk from his home must have been unbearable as, to avoid putting any pressure on his injured back leg, he hobbled tentatively into our clinic.

On closer inspection, Dama’s rear right hoof was in such a bad way that it had become overgrown and the sole had become infected. A vet at the clinic started picking out and cleaning the foot with an anti-fungal solution, before trimming back the overgrown hoof. The vet gave Dama painkillers and advised his owner, Tesema, to clean the foot daily.

Dama's hoof

Dama was fortunate to receive expert care at our Bishoftu clinic. Animals in other countries, however, won’t be so lucky.

Will you play your part in preventing animal lameness?