If you’ve ever had any dental problems, you will know how excruciating and debilitating it can be.

Overgrown teeth can rapidly cause serious issues for working equids. Painful cuts in the mouth, dental disease, and the spread of infection make every waking hour miserable.

Sharp dental overgrowths cause lacerations to the cheeks and the tongue, making chewing awkward and painful. Partially chewed forage falls out of the mouth before the hungry animal can swallow it, while food trapped between the teeth causes painful pockets of infection. Malnutrition can quickly become a serious issue for working animals suffering from poor dental hygiene.

20-year-old Sandy was brought to our Marrakech centre in Morocco in a terrible state. The mule was emaciated with a grapefruit-sized abscess on her cheek that had started to rupture. The vet carefully examined Sandy and identified poor dental care as the cause of her fragile condition.

A piece of food had become lodged between her painfully overgrown teeth, and an infection had developed and worked its way out through her cheek. The infection was drained and treated with a course of antibiotics. Sandy’s infected tooth was extracted and the rest of her teeth were carefully rasped to enable her to finally feed comfortably. After two weeks of special care at the centre, Sandy had gained weight and her cheek was healing well.

Why we need your help?

SPANA is working hard to ensure animals like Sandy are treated and protected against the threat of malnutrition and infection caused by poor dental care.

With your help we can provide our teams with the vital equipment needed to maintain healthy teeth in working animals, and reach many more working animals who are in desperate need.

One Off

could go towards the cost of a tooth extraction procedure for an animal like Sandy, relieving them of excruciating pain and saving them from malnutrition.


could pay for essential teeth rasping for five working animals, preventing issues such as painful cuts in the mouth, tooth infection and inability to chew food.


could feed a malnourished animal in recovery for a two-week period, enabling them to restore a healthier weight.