A woman and her horse at the SPANA centre in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Lameness is one of the biggest problems facing animals today. It isn’t uncommon to see shoes that don’t fit a horse nailed on with unsuitable masonry nails – often into the sensitive part of the horse’s foot.

No working animal should have to endure this.

With the right education and resources, farriers won’t make these mistakes. With your support, we can provide that vital training.

The solution is simple, but will have a huge impact on thousands of working animals so they no longer suffer in silence.

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One Off

Could pay towards a tool kit that includes items like a hoof rasp, hoof knives and shoeing tools to ensure farriers have everything they need to properly care


Could pay towards a community workshop to educate owners about correct hoof care and recognising the early signs of hoof problems, so they seek veterinary treatment earlier


Could provide a week’s pain relief for two horses that are suffering from lameness