With an ever-growing workforce of animals around the world, the demand for vets to care for them is growing.

That’s why we must help train and nurture the next generation of vets in countries around the world.

Our clinical skills centres allow us to do just that.

The centres enable student vets to learn and practise vital clinical skills such as suturing and laboratory techniques in a safe and controlled environment.

Without our centres, they would never get this opportunity.

Your gift will help train vets and raise the standard of veterinary care, meaning more working animals are treated with the kindness and dignity they deserve.

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One Off

Could pay towards a microscope and slides so that the students can practise analysing blood samples and performing worm egg counts on faecal samples


Could help stock a clinical skills centre with essential disposable items such as gloves, aprons, syringes, surgical blades and suture material


Could pay for a basic suturing kit, which includes items like forceps and scissors that vet students will need to practice their suturing skills