One Off

Could pay for fuel and maintenance costs for the mobile clinic for two days, allowing us to reach more suffering working animals supporting remote communities.


Could help towards training new vets at the University of Zimbabwe, so more communities can receive vital veterinary care for the animals they depend upon.


Could help pay for a comfortable new bit for a donkey like Bhora and help to prevent painful mouth wounds in the future.



Owners wait for their donkeys to be treated in Zimbabwe

Just £15 can make a difference to the lives of working donkeys in Zimbabwe, and the communities that depend on them.

In Zimbabwe, poverty, droughts and lack of resources are part of everyday life. A poor knowledge of good animal welfare practices and a lack of veterinary care mean that, without SPANA, sick and injured animals wouldn’t get the lifesaving treatment they desperately need. This would not only be devastating for the animal, but also for the communities whose livelihoods depend on them.

We work tirelessly for both.

In just one day at a mobile clinic, our vets can travel over 500km, treating over 150 donkeys and teaching their owners how to care for them better in the future. But we can’t do it without your support.

For poorer families, finding the right equipment for their animals can prove difficult. Tragically, when they don’t, animals suffer when they shouldn’t have to, and desperate families struggle to sustain their livelihoods.

We saw this recently when one donkey called Bhora arrived at our clinic, after being cut by a sharp, poorly-fitted bit. Our vets treated the wound, and, crucially, gave Bhora’s 15-year-old owner, Henni, some advice that will protect all his animals from this sort of injury in the future. Now his family won’t have to worry about going without the water they rely on their donkeys to carry.

Please, will you give your support today? Help rescue working animals and the communities that rely on them, from suffering.