Millions of helpless donkeys are at risk of being captured and slaughtered for their skins.

The growing demand for ‘ejiao’ – a substance derived from donkey skins that is used in traditional Chinese medicine and cosmetics, is leading to poachers cutting donkey populations by as much as 38 per cent in just two years.

Because of the kindness of SPANA supporters, we were able to save these donkeys from the horror of the donkey skins trade in Zimbabwe. Alongside partner organisations, we lobbied against the opening of the abattoir where these desperate animals were awaiting slaughter and managed to ensure that it remained closed for good.

Whilst the donkeys were at the planned abattoir, we managed to access them regularly and provided emergency food and vital veterinary care. Without SPANA, they would have been left to starve.

Finally, after further determined efforts, we were able to find new homes for these donkeys. But they are the lucky ones.

We need to do more, and reach more animals at risk of this horrifying fate.

When we save a donkey from the abattoir, they are often desperately malnourished. Just £9.00 could help us feed one for six days.

Every single action we take to make the world a better place for working animals depends on donations from caring people like you.



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