Working animals are starving as Covid-19 restrictions continue

Although restrictions are easing in many developed countries, the impact of the pandemic continues to devastate the lives of working animals in areas where we work. Many animal owners have lost their livelihoods overnight, and can simply no longer afford to feed their hardworking animals.

As a result, many animals have had very little to eat. They are struggling, overworked and starving. Sadly, many are fighting for their very survival.

This is why our work is more important than ever. Without the emergency feed and care our dedicated vets provide, the crisis caused by Covid-19 will continue to take the lives of thousands of vulnerable working animals.

Your kind donation today can help ensure SPANA vets can continue to provide nutritious food and urgent care to animals who need it most.

A carthorse owner provides emergency feed to her malnourished horse following Covid-19 lockdown
Mamo's owner gives her malnourished horse emergency feed provided by the SPANA clinic

Mamo’s story

When 10-year-old Mamo came to the SPANA clinic in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, he was in serious pain. The hardworking horse was malnourished, lethargic and suffering from severe harness wounds.

Mamo’s owner, Ayelech, collects rubbish in the town, but lost her income when Covid-19 restrictions affected her work. Consequently, she wasn’t able to feed her beloved horse and, like many other locals, let Mamo out to graze in the hope he could find enough food for himself. With very little to eat, Mamo soon began to lose weight.  

To make matters worse, Mamo had painful wounds on his chest and neck where his makeshift harness was rubbing against his skin. Due to his lack of nutritious feed, these wounds weren’t able to heal, leaving Mamo in severe pain and at risk of infection. 

Fortunately, Ayelech had heard about the SPANA clinic in the closest town. The worried owner walked ten miles with Mamo to ensure he could get the treatment he desperately needed. 

Our dedicated vets carefully cleaned Mamo’s wounds and applied treatment to help them heal. They also provided harness padding that would stop Mamo from developing future injuries.

Ayelech was given emergency feed to ensure Mamo recovered his strength and could heal properly.

Ayelech said, Thank you SPANA for helping my horse free of charge. Without my horse I cannot support my family or afford our rent.’ 

A SPANA vet shows a horse owner how to use a padded harness
A SPANA vet shows Mamo's owner how to use harness padding

Sadly, Mamo’s story is all too common this year as many owners, through no fault of their own, struggle to feed their animals. The generosity of our kind supporters allowed us to feed and treat Mamo, but the pandemic is still threatening the lives of thousands of other starving animals, who rely heavily on your support.

Your kind donation today can feed a hungry animal and go a long way in helping working animals during this challenging time.

Please, if you can, give a gift today to help feed starving working animals. Thank you so much for your support.

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