A woman poses with her cow. SPANA is providing cattle in Awash Fentale, Ethiopia, with emergency feed during the ongoing drought. The Afar Region of Ethiopia has been suffering from drought for several years. Many of the pastoralists have lost large numbers of livestock and require humanitarian assistance to survive.

Your gift can help the hardworking donkeys, horses, mules, cows, camels and elephants that are essential in supporting the livelihoods of over 600 million people in the world’s poorest communities.

By providing free veterinary care, farriery, dentistry, humane education, emergency feed and professional training, we’re building a better future for this forgotten workforce and their communities. But we can’t do it without you.

Your support could help us respond quickly in an emergency. When Ethiopia suffered its worst drought in 30 years, it spelt catastrophe for the pastoralist tribes of central Ethiopia. When we arrived, the distraught Afar people had lost between 70 and 80 per cent of their cattle.

For a community that relies on their livestock, this was a disaster, but we were able to give each family feed rations, providing their animals with essential nutrients and ensuring their survival. Without their animals, communities like the Afar people would have no hope, no future and no way of life. Fortunately for them, they have you on their side.

Please help us continue our vital work, so working animals can continue theirs.

One Off

Could buy lifesaving surgical kit and aftercare to help supply vets with the equipment they need to care for working animals in need


Could train a teacher on animal welfare so that more children can learn about caring for the animals that support their families


Could provide a family in one of the poorest communities in Ethiopia enough feed to keep a small herd of animals alive for three days during an emergency