In this unprecedented time, the working animals of the world need your help more than ever.

Life is already extremely hard for working animals living in the world’s poorest and most remote communities. These hardworking animals struggle to support their owners’ families, battling unforgiving climates, challenging conditions and tough terrains, which have been worsened by the long-term economic effects of Covid-19, combined with the growing impact of climate change. In times of crisis, these vulnerable animals are often hit the hardest. And should they become sick or injured, their suffering is magnified.

Will you help us keep exhausted working animals safe and well with a kind donation today?

Cano’s story

Cano is a nine-year-old donkey living in the very remote mountains of Kurdistan. Early each morning, Cano leads 500 sheep to graze in nearby fields, where he must guard them all day. Through sweltering summers and bitterly cold winters, Cano is responsible for these sheep and for the livelihood of his owner Marrii’s family of seven.

When he is not shepherding sheep, Cano’s job is to move heavy goods over treacherous terrain. This arduous work takes its toll on his young body. Recently, the poorly fitting chain around his nose began to rub and caused a painful open wound. To get some relief from the ceaseless itching and stinging, Cano furiously rubbed his head against trees. But this only damaged the skin more, deepening the wound and putting Cano further at risk.

In this muddy, dirty and hazardous working environment, Cano’s wound was in real danger of becoming infected. Without urgent treatment, an infection could spread, causing swelling and incredible pain.

How SPANA helped Cano

Fortunately for Cano, SPANA was able to reach him.

One of our devoted vets, Dr Sulaiman, drove our mobile clinic, stocked with vital medicines and equipment, four hours into the mountains to reach Cano.

He wasted no time in carefully cleaning Cano’s wound and treating it with antiseptic spray. He also prescribed a course of anti-inflammatories to reduce the inflammation and ease his pain.

Dr Sulaiman also showed Marrii how to keep the wound clean and stressed the importance of proper harnessing to avoid similar injuries in the future.

How you can help

Cano is just one of thousands of working animals that urgently need help. A SPANA vet is often their only chance of survival. SPANA provides a vital lifeline for working animals in the poorest and most remote communities in the world. And we need your help to reach them.

Whatever you can give today will help keep our centres and clinics stocked with lifesaving medication and equipment, so SPANA vets can save lives.

At this difficult time, please help us reach them with a kind gift today.

At this difficult time, please help us reach them with a kind gift today.

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