A very skinny brown horse with its ribs and bones very prominent

Will you support us with a lifesaving gift this Giving Tuesday?

Boyboy the horse was stolen from his owner, Mr Molainyane, then ridden to the point of exhaustion and abandoned to fend for himself. Due to a local drought, there was little water available and no food upon which to graze. He was found by his panicked family weeks later, 60km away, severely emaciated and dehydrated in the middle of the desert. They immediately called SPANA.

SPANA vets were concerned about his condition, and began tending to him straight away. After innovative treatment, mineral and multi-vitamin injections, along with worming and vaccination, feed and care he is on the mend and slowly gaining weight.

But more animals like Boyboy are suffering needlessly, and without SPANA their owners would have nowhere to turn.

A brown horse standing outside with a SPANA vet standing behind it

Every animal we care for, every owner we train, every life we save… every single action we take to make the world a better place for working animals depends on donations from caring people like you. Just £9.00 this Giving Tuesday could help provide urgent food for four days.

We receive no government funding, and desperately need your support to reach animals at their lowest ebb.



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