The Covid-19 crisis is threatening the lives of thousands of vulnerable working animals

In the last few months, we have all felt the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus. But when coupled with the extreme poverty of the countries where SPANA works, the impact is almost unimaginable – not least for the working animals of the world. Accustomed to a life of hardship, many are now fighting for their very survival.

Those living on the poverty line, who have lost their livelihoods overnight, now simply can’t afford to feed – or even keep – their working animals. Many working animals have been abandoned. The rest must struggle on, overworked and starving as never before. Just £9.00 could feed a starving animal for six days.

This is why SPANA’s vital work is more important than ever. Without the emergency feed, treatment and care our dedicated vets provide, the crisis caused by Covid-19 will take the lives of thousands of vulnerable working animals.

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