donkeys in a van

An unimaginable reality

Time is running out for animals affected by the devastating donkey skins trade. Please help before it’s too late.

It’s an unimaginable reality. Millions of donkeys are being stolen, starved and slaughtered for their skin. This horrific trade threatens to wipe out the donkey population in many communities across Africa within the next decade.

Donkey’s are being stolen and violently loaded onto dangerous trucks bound for abattoirs. On board, they are at risk of painful injuries. And once they reach the abattoirs, the terrified donkeys face more physical and emotional distress. They are in urgent need of veterinary care, but instead are left to starve before being slaughtered for their skin. They’re vulnerable, scared and desperate for help.

Brown donkey standing with eyes closed and head down

This brutal trade is growing

The donkey population around the world is being decimated because of this appalling trade. It’s having a disastrous impact across Africa, from Mali to Botswana. These are countries where communities still rely on donkeys for many jobs, such as carrying water and goods to market, children to school and sick people to hospital. Botswana’s donkey population has dropped by over a third in just two years and those that remain are increasingly vulnerable to being captured, starved and brutally slaughtered.

SPANA is working with governments and communities to bring an end to the trade before donkey populations are wiped out. This will take time. We need your support today to protect and care for donkeys like Anokosha, pictured here, before it is too late.

Your support today is absolutely crucial if we are to save the lives of these helpless animals.

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