One Off

Could pay towards the resources to help build the affected parts of the road and ensure elephants’ access to the hospital for many years to come


Could pay towards essential equipment to help resource the hospital and provide better care


Could pay for medicines and bandages to treat painful conditions



No elephant should suffer because they can’t access veterinary care. Simply building a road to the hospital means they won’t have to.

Imagine for a moment not being able to visit your hospital because your life could be at risk just by attempting to reach it. It’s difficult to even grasp, but for elephants in Myanmar it’s a disturbing reality. SPANA believes that no working animal should suffer needlessly. That’s why we’re committed to helping Myanmar’s elephants receive the veterinary assistance they urgently need.

Will you be there for them too?

Having a hospital is a crucial lifeline for Myanmar’s elephants. However, during the rainy season, thick mud makes it difficult for already injured elephants to reach our hospitals.

An elephant's foot is treated through one of SPANA"s mobile clinics, Myanmar

Something as simple as building the road to the hospital will make such a positive difference to thousands of working elephants across Myanmar. It will mean that elephants have access to free veterinary care all year round. No elephant should be left to suffer in agony because they can’t reach the hospital.

Please will you make a kind gift today and help end their suffering?