Donkey pulling rubbish cart on Mali dumps

Exhausted and starving, animals working on Mali’s rubbish dumps resort to eating plastic bags, cardboard and rusting metal.

Donkeys straining under back-breaking loads, weary heads hanging as they trudge through the mud and rubbish: this is the living hell of Mali’s rubbish dumps.

Carting away tonnes of waste from homes and businesses is how their owners earn a meagre living, so there is no time to rest for man or beast – and very little food to go around. These weighed down and weary animals are so desperate they’ll eat anything.

But you can help them.

Your gift could turn a miserable existence into a better life.

Our vets really are amazing and their regular visits to Bamako’s rubbish dumps have made a huge difference. The working life of an animal used to be just six months –

So please, if you can, help us make life better for the working animals of Bamako’s rubbish dumps:

One Off

could vaccinate two donkeys for life against the potentially fatal disease, tetanus.


could give a donkey a five-day course of painkillers to ease pain and discomfort.


could pay for the medicines and equipment such as sedatives, antibiotics and bandages to treat an animal's leg wound.


could pay for lifesaving treatment for four rubbish-dump donkeys suffering from painful colic.