A working elephant helps his owner clear logs in the jungles of Myanmar

Your gift can help the Asian elephants that work in Myanmar’s timber industry, pulling backbreaking logs through the jungle. 6,000 of these incredible animals need to work, but they also desperately need expert veterinary care. So, as the only charity in the world doing it right now, our work needs to continue too.

There is only one elephant hospital in Myanmar but it is currently ill-equipped to help those that need our help. SPANA plans to rebuild and extend the hospital so that our dedicated vets have the capacity to treat many more sick and injured elephants from across the country.

But our work relies upon your support, so please help us keep helping working animals today.

One Off

Could pay towards the resources to help improve the road to the hospital and ensure elephants’ access to the hospital for many years to come


Could pay towards essential equipment to help properly resource the hospital and provide better veterinary care


Could pay for essential foot treatment for hardworking elephants, providing them with regular foot care and veterinary treatment to protect them from suffering