Cyclone Fani hit India’s coastline on Friday 3 May 2019, leaving a trail of destruction across the country and threatening the lives of many working animals and the communities that depend upon on them.

SPANA, working alongside our trusted partner APOWA, are already on the ground ready to help the animals caught up in this disaster. But we need your help to ensure we’re always ready to help working animals affected by emergencies like Cyclone Fani.

As the full scale of this disaster is still unfolding, there have also been reports of a deadly heatwave expanding northward through the cyclone-ravaged states of Odisha and West Bengal.

Now more than ever, animals need shelter, food and expert veterinary care to survive the coming days.

Donate now and help us be there for working animals when they need us most.

Your gifts can help provide the vital care weakened livestock and working animals desperately need such as:

    • Animal shelters where horses, donkeys, cows and other animals can be kept safe and in hygienic conditions that would prevent future disease outbreaks
    • Food, vitamin feed supplements and clean water to help animals recuperate after suffering from traumatic events like cyclones
    • Emergency veterinary kits containing the vaccinations, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and essential tools our vets need to administer treatments so animals are kept protected through the worst of it

    Find out more about SPANA’s Emergency Response programme

    “Disasters and emergencies are indiscriminate. The time and opportunities to make a difference are small. Anything you can give now will have a huge impact on working animals and communities. Thank you.”

    Ben Sturgeon
    Director of Veterinary Programmes

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