Grey donkey in a donkey abattoir

You can help end the misery caused by the donkey skins trade.

Terrified working animals are experiencing horrendous pain and suffering as a result of the donkey skins trade. Sadly, donkeys around the world are being slaughtered for their skins. We’ve witnessed the suffering of animals in many countries, but what these donkeys are facing is simply horrifying and we must put an end to it.

In southern Africa, where the trade is having a catastrophic impact, working donkeys aren’t kept in enclosures in fields or stables. They are left to roam free. This makes them an easy target for poachers who sell them for their skin.

Scared and helpless, donkeys suffer throughout their journey to slaughter. They are hauled onto overcrowded, dangerous vehicles using coarse rope – a horrific process. Donkeys are often pulled up onto the trucks by their legs or their tails. As they aren’t secured safely, the donkeys fall against each other on the bumpy roads, like dominoes. They face injury, dehydration, heat stress, and even death, because the extremely hot vehicles don’t have adequate ventilation.

Once they reach the abattoir, the terrified, distressed donkeys face more pain and suffering. Dehydrated and often badly hurt, they are in urgent need of veterinary care – but this is not available to them.

Instead, the exhausted animals are denied any food and water at all. They are left to starve because it’s easier to remove the skin from a thin donkey. Some donkeys even give birth while they wait to be slaughtered. Their new born foals soon become orphans and are left to die.

Please will you help these scared and suffering animals?

Your gift today can help to put an end to the donkey skins trade.

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