You can save thousands of animals

It is shocking how even a simple hoof problem can leave a poor animal in excruciating plan. If untreated, a minor injury can become so severe the animal is crippled with lameness and unable to work. Tragically, many will be abandoned to face a slow, painful death.

Every year, SPANA vets and technicians treat over 14,000 animals suffering terribly due to lameness.

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Jordan smily young woman and her horse
Please help Yasmina.

Please help ease the suffering of working animals like Yasmina.

Expert veterinary care and life-saving surgery saved Yasmina from crippling lameness – our vets though the cause was a small injury that had gone unnoticed and untreated for months.

We were only able to help Yasmina thanks to expert skills of our staff, Dr Youness in particular. SPANA’s ongoing commitment to training over the years meant that Dr Youness had the expert to save Yasmina’s life.

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