Donkey facing the camera with owner stroking donkey's nose

Increasing demand for the ingredient ‘ejiao’ is driving a brutal donkey skins trade across Africa.

SPANA has already made important steps towards halting this trade, which you can read about here. But despite these successes, work still needs to be done, and fast.

Poachers are swarming Africa and cutting donkey populations by as much as 38% in just two years.

Stolen donkeys are forced into the back of trucks and taken to an abattoir where they are left to starve. If the abattoir cannot legally be shut down, the donkeys are brutally killed and skinned.

With your support, we can we can prevent the precious donkeys that remain from meeting the same devastating fate.

Mama Ne’ema, a pastoralist from Tanzania, had five of her six donkeys stolen. Her remaining donkey, Naibor now has to make the 16km round-trip to collect water once a day instead of once a week.

With your support, we can train owners to become ‘Donkey Champions’, who act as the first line of defence against disease, injury and donkey theft in their community.

Champions are trained in donkey care and management, and are shown how to build corral enclosures to keep their donkeys safe overnight. They are provided with first aid kits to treat common donkey wounds, and are taught how to make humane harnesses to prevent future injury.

Without these crucial measures, the donkeys will remain defenceless.

Please can you support this special appeal, and safeguard the futures of these animals and their communities?

One Off

could help to build five corrals, protecting as many as 60 donkeys from being poached and slaughtered for their skins.


could provide first aid kits and training for four Donkey Champions, equipping them to treat up to 60 hardworking and vulnerable donkeys like Naibor.


could save the life of a starving donkey rescued from an abattoir by providing a two-week supply of nutritious food.