Nasa, a four-year-old horse, was suffering from an agonising eye condition and facing blindness.

Nasa carries goods from the market every day and is integral to the survival of her elderly owner. When she arrived at the SPANA centre in Amman, Jordan, her red, swollen eyelid was so painful and inflamed she was unable to see.

If left untreated, even a minor eye infection like this can quickly develop into disease or blindness.

In agonising pain, Nasa was disoriented and at risk of tripping or harming herself.

Fortunately, SPANA’s vets identified and removed a foreign body lodged in Nasa’s eye. For a week, Nasa was given round-the-clock care to ease the pain and reduce infection. Thanks to the skills of SPANA’s vets, Nasa’s treatment was successful and her sight was saved.

Sadly, Nasa’s story is one of many. Eye conditions are among the most common we treat at our clinics. If these poor animals cannot work, they are often abandoned. Unable to see or to fend for themselves, they are unlikely to survive for long and may even starve to death.

Your help today could buy sightsaving medicine and equipment, and train vets to treat eye conditions and prevent the tragic consequences of permanent blindness.

Please read the report, which details how your support is absolutely crucial in preventing the needless sight loss of working animals around the world.

If you have already sent a gift, we can’t thank you enough. But, if you haven’t, please help save thousands of working animals like Nasa from blindness and abandonment.

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Please be assured that even if we don’t reach our appeal target of £79,511, then any funds raised will still be used for our sightsaving medicine, equipment and veterinary training. If the generosity of supporters means we exceed our target, then any additional funds will go wherever the need is greatest.

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