Ocular conditions caused by infection and injury are among the most common we treat. If left untreated, even a minor eye infection can quickly develop into disease, or worse, debilitating pain and blindness.

If these poor animals are unable to work, they are often abandoned. Unable to see or to fend for themselves, they are unlikely to survive for long and may even starve to death. It is no exaggeration to say the impact of untreated eye conditions can be fatal.

In this report, you will meet Nasa, Berea and Goloo. Each of these three working animals were suffering from painful eye conditions. They were incredibly lucky to be brought by their owners to a SPANA centre or mobile clinic.

Thanks to the skills of SPANA’s veterinary teams, their sight was saved.


You can watch the short video to see how SPANA’s sight saving treatment gives each animal with an eye condition the best chance of survival.

With your help, we could provide desperately needed medical supplies to treat working animals at risk of losing their sight.

Your gift can also help train more vets and veterinary students to develop the vital skills and expertise they need to identify and treat the wide variety of eye conditions they will encounter.

Every vet you help train also creates an opportunity to train owners, enabling them to recognise the signs of common eye problems and take prompt action to prevent blindness.

This year, more animals like Nasa, Berea and Goloo will be brought to our veterinary clinics with potentially fatal eye conditions. Please help save thousands of working animals from blindness and abandonment.

Thank you


Please be assured that even if we don’t reach our appeal target of £79,511, then any funds raised will still be used for our sight saving medicines, equipment and veterinary training. If the generosity of supporters means we exceed our target, then any additional funds will go wherever the need is greatest.

To speak to our friendly supporter care team please visit our contact us page and get in touch.