n Zimbabwe, working donkeys pull carts and carry loads along crowded, bustling roads. The donkeys face constant dangers, with cars and lorries thundering past, perilously close.

At night, the risks are even greater. By the time a driver sees an animal it is usually too late.

Tragically, fewer than one in 10 donkeys involved in a roadside accident do not survive their injuries.

donkey wearing a reflective collar
Manna sustained a deep traumatic wound from a car striking him on the chest. Unlike most animals in similar situations, Manna survived the impact. It was clear that Manna was suffering greatly and needed help as quickly as possible.

Please save working donkeys like Manna from deadly road traffic accidents.

The SPANA team were able to save Manna’s life, but putting a stop to these accidents in the first place is vital – and the solution is simple.

Just a strip of reflective material could have prevented Manna, and so many other donkeys, from being hit by vehicles, suffering agonising injuries and even being killed.

The reflective collar project was developed as part of our community training (CT) programme in Shashe, Zimbabwe. Through the CT programme, SPANA’s community training officer is working with local communities to provide highly visible collars. These are given free of charge to owners, along with education on their correct use – to save donkeys from suffering dreadful injuries, and far worse in road traffic accidents.

Please take a look at the short video and report which detail how you can help bring an end to the suffering and fatalities caused by road traffic accidents. Manna’s ordeal is by no means uncommon – hardworking donkeys risk being killed on the road every day.

No donkeys should have to face such a deadly risk with every step they take. Please support our Christmas appeal this year and give a donkey like Manna a brighter future.

Thank you

Please be assured that even if we don’t reach our appeal target of £41,105, then any funds raised will still be used for our community training officer and reflective collars. If the generosity of supporters means we exceed our target, then any additional funds will go wherever the need is greatest.

To speak to our friendly supporter care team please visit our contact us page and get in touch.