Florian’s Story

Florian is a six-year-old donkey living in the Kasserine region of Tunisia. In the isolated village where he lives, working animals really suffer hardship on a daily basis. Day in, day out, Florian pulls a cart laden with construction materials for his owner Nizar and his family. In these challenging conditions, Florian must support his family, ploughing fields and transporting heavy goods. Once his cart is emptied, Florian goes back to get another load. This backbreaking work is exhausting.

One day, while ploughing the fields, Nizar noticed that Florian was having difficulty walking. He was moving extremely gingerly and by the end of the day he was reluctant to put any weight on his front legs. Florian was suffering from deep cuts on both of his front legs. He was in intense, debilitating pain. Nizar hoped that the injury would heal but became worried when Florian’s condition only worsened. Soon he could barely walk at all. Every step was agony and Florian was on the brink of crippling lameness. He needed urgent treatment, but miles away from the nearest veterinary centre, he was too hurt to travel.

How SPANA helped Florian

Fortunately, our mobile clinic vets met Florian when they made the long journey from the centre of Kasserine to the area where he lived. They gently cleaned his cuts, applied antiseptic cream and carefully dressed his wounds. Nizar was given a course of antibiotics to administer to Florian – to help prevent further infection. Our vets also advised Nizar to let Florian rest while his injuries healed. Thanks to SPANA mobile vets, Florian was on the road to recovery.

But there are still thousands of sick and injured animals, like Florian, that are suffering and need help right now. Without our mobile clinics, they simply won’t receive the urgent veterinary care that could save their lives.

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