Injured donkey lying down in the sand

Just £15 can make a difference to the lives of working donkeys in Zimbabwe

When Jeni stumbled into a SPANA mobile clinic in Lutumba, Zimbabwe, he was suffering from a severe abdominal disease and was dangerously dehydrated. He soon began writhing in agony on the ground. Without urgent treatment from SPANA vets, Jeni would not have survived.

Animals like Jeni rely on us. Can they rely on you too?

At SPANA, we believe every animal deserves a life free from suffering. In Zimbabwe, vets in our mobile clinics can travel over 500km, treating over 150 donkeys in just one day as well as teaching their owners how to care for them better in the future. But we can’t do it without your support.

That’s why we provide free lifesaving veterinary care to over 220,000 working animals each year around the world. As well as treating animals, we also train vets and teach owners compassion, so that animals can lead happier, healthy lives.

Please, will you give your support today and help rescue more working animals like Jeni from suffering?

One Off

Could help us reach more working animals by covering fuel and maintenance costs for the mobile clinic for two days.


Could help our vets treat more working animals in remote communities by restocking our mobile clinics with essential medical supplies, such as syringes, bandages and sterile gloves.


Could help treat donkeys like Jeni for abdominal disease by providing painkillers and anti-spasmodic drugs.