Working donkey stands next to his owner in Segou, Mali, while waiting for treatment for kidney stones.
A working donkey in Ségou, Mali, stands next to his owner while waiting for treatment for kidney stones.

You may have heard the story of Amou recently, one of thousands of hardworking donkeys our team of expert vets have seen in Ségou, Mali. If her story moved you to send a gift, thank you so much on behalf of working animals like Amou.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to donate, please do give what you can today to help build a new veterinary centre in Ségou and provide treatment for more than 60,000 working animals a year in Mali.

Every month, the mobile veterinary team from our centre in Bamako, Mali’s capital, travels the 150 miles to Ségou. It’s heartbreaking to be greeted by so many owners and their working animals waiting to be seen for everything from infectious diseases to dangerous weight loss. Our two veterinary technicians in Ségou can only respond to local urgent cases on motorbikes. They can only do so much with the limited kit they can carry.

Please could you donate today to help build a new veterinary centre in Ségou, Mali, so hardworking animals that are suffering can get the treatment they desperately need?

Bamako-based veterinary technician Dramane Issa examines Jigi the donkey before giving treatment for wounds and a cough at the SPANA clinic in Segou, Mali
SPANA veterinary technician Dramane Issa examines Jigi the donkey before giving him treatment for wounds and a cough during a visit to Ségou, Mali.

Jigi’s story

Jigi, another working donkey of Ségou, carries people, water and goods for his owner, Oumar. He works long days in intense heat, with his makeshift harness rubbing away at the skin of his thin body.

One day, Oumar noticed Jigi was struggling to breathe. As the days went by, Jigi developed a horrendous cough. It was almost impossible to pull his heavy cart. His nostrils flared and you could see his stomach muscles move as he gasped desperately. A thick white discharge poured from Jigi’s nose. He was hot to touch and refusing food.

Jigi needed help urgently, but Oumar didn’t know where to find it. The nearest veterinary centre was 150 miles away in Mali’s capital. With each day that passed, Jigi grew weaker.

His life was in danger.

Luckily, Oumar heard that SPANA was holding a mobile clinic at the market in Ségou. When our veterinary team saw Jigi, they brought his fever down immediately. They carefully cleaned and disinfected his wounds, then looked for the cause of the cough.

Jigi had a severe respiratory infection, with signs of pneumonia. The vets gave him anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to treat the infection. They explained to Oumar how to give the daily medication to Jigi. Thanks to SPANA’s expert care, Jigi was on the road to recovery.

Jigi the working donkey in Segou, Mali
Jigi the working donkey after receiving treatment from SPANA vets in Ségou, Mali.

With a permanent centre in Ségou, the story of other working animals of the town and region would be more hopeful too.

Respiratory infections can easily spread to other animals. Without treatment, they can be extremely painful and lead to a lifetime of misery. We don’t know how many poor working animals caught the respiratory infection from Jigi.

If we had a veterinary centre in the region, Jigi could be separated from other animals, and not spread the respiratory infection. In the clean centre and stables, dust would not make the infection worse and he’d receive the medication he needed every day.

Building the new veterinary centre has already been delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If we wait any longer, working animals like Jigi will suffer and die. The centre will change the lives of generations of working animals. You can help to build this life-changing legacy for the poor working animals of Mali by donating today.

Please donate today so we can build the veterinary centre and end the suffering of working animals in need for years to come. Thank you.

Thank you

Your generous donations will be used for projects such as those featured in this appeal and where they are required the most to help animals in need.

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