Buna’s Story

If you glanced at eight-year-old horse Buna when we first met him, you might think that he was sleeping. He may have looked peaceful, but Buna, which means ‘coffee’, wasn’t resting. Far from it. He could barely open his eyes because they were so painful, so sore and so sensitive to light. Buna’s eyes wept constantly and were unbearably itchy, leaving Buna in excruciating pain.

Buna was on the brink of blindness.

The eye infection Buna contracted was making his desperately hard life even more challenging. Pulling a cart laden with passengers for his owner Amari’s taxi service in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, was almost impossible when Buna couldn’t even see where he was going. If he tripped or fell on the dangerous Bishoftu roads, his life could have been at risk.

For humans, vision loss can be improved through glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. Unfortunately, the prognosis for working animals facing blindness is bleak. Dirty, dusty and hazardous working conditions cause eye injuries and infection, which can quickly develop into devastating disease if left untreated. This can lead to terrible suffering and blindness for animals like Buna, and mean that owners and their families struggle to survive.

How SPANA helped Buna

When Amari brought Buna to our SPANA clinic, the horse was in so much discomfort, he’d flinch if anything came near his face. Our vets quickly flushed his eye with saline to remove any foreign bodies and worked with Amari to apply antibiotic eye drops twice a day, for five days.

‘I don’t know what I’d do without this treatment,’ says Amari. ‘It’s just invaluable for me and my family as we depend on Buna so much.’

Fortunately, Amari brought Buna to SPANA just in time. If his eyes had been left untreated much longer, the infection could have spread, causing uncontrollable inflammation, unbearable pain and, ultimately, blindness.

Eye problems are one of the most common conditions seen by our vets. This year, thousands more owners will bring animals facing blindness to SPANA clinics for emergency treatment. We need your continued support to help these animals avoid irreversible sight loss.

Please help us save their sight today.

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