A camel being treated in Rajasthan

Thousands of working animals around the world need access to vital veterinary care and treatment.

They depend on our work. Can they depend on you?

By donating to our general fund, you can ensure that we help animals and their owners who have the greatest need for our work. It means we can use your generous gift wherever it will have the greatest impact.

If you’d prefer to make a gift to help lame animals, improve the standard of veterinary care, or reach even more working animals as part of our outreach work, please choose your lifesaving appeal below.

Donate to end the agony of animal lameness

Too many horses are suffering because of poor farriery. Overgrown hooves or shoes not properly nailed on are causing agony for working animals everywhere.

Donate to improve the standard of veterinary care

Millions of working animals around the world depend on vital veterinary care. That’s why we must help train and nurture the next generation of vets.

Donate to reach more working animals in need

Working animals would struggle to survive without access to veterinary services. Our outreach work means we can reach even more working animals and save them from needless suffering.

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One Off

Could cover the cost of medical supplies and equipment for a SPANA mobile clinic, helping our vets treat hundreds of working animals in remote communities


Could buy reading materials for a school class that teaches them how to respect and care for animals


Could buy a set of sterile bandages for an injured animal


Could provide one week of nutritious food for a donkey