One Off

Could buy pad harnesses that will prevent animals from having to suffer.


Could buy the medicines and bandages needed to treat the painful wounds of working animals.


Could pay for six animal owners to attend a SPANA training workshop. Here they will learn about how safe harnessing, appropriate loading and evenly balanced carts can improve the long term health and welfare of their animals.



Banner image of donkey carrying yellow water containers

Working a 16 hour day is hard. Working under the scorching sun is even harder. But working when wounded is unbearable.

For millions of animals, this is their reality: pulling heavy loads while poor fitting harnesses cut, scrape and rub at untreated sores.

It’s agony for the animal. But what’s worse is that this immense pain could be avoided with a little understanding.

That’s where, thanks to your generous donations, SPANA is able to help.

You can help hardworking animals to live and work free from pain.

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