The terrible drought in Turkana, Kenya continues to starve the animals, land and people of any water. There is barely anything to drink and the situation is only getting worse.

Time is running out for these poor animals.

Jama is all his family have left. He was one of a herd of 12 donkeys and could share the same fate as the other donkeys if water sources continue to dry up. He travels further and further in search of water every day and his owners can’t be sure how much longer they can rely on Jama.

Please will you help working animals like Jama and save them from unbearable suffering?

Your gift today could make the difference between life and death. It could help build a solar-powered borehole in Turkana and provide lifesaving water for 7,200 animals.

The quicker we act, the more animals we’ll be able to save. Please give what you can before it’s too late for these vulnerable animals.

One Off

could help towards drilling the 110m borehole needed to access enough water to serve 7,200 working animals in desperate need.


could pay towards a 5,000-litre tank, essential for storing water and preventing the needless of suffering of working animals.


could help towards providing a water trough and kiosk that animals like Jama would use to access vital water every day