Animals like Amani are suffering from lack of water in the wake of drought in the Turkana region.

In 2016 a terrible drought hit Turkana, Kenya’s largest county. Two years later and the situation has become gradually worse. Water is sparse, disease is rife and thousands of animals are close to death.

Animals are in desperate need of our help.

Animals like Amani, an exhausted and emaciated camel that was found wandering the barren landscape in search of water. The effects of Amani’s dehydration were shocking. His ribs were protruding and his hump, which serves as a reserve of energy was deflated – a clear sign of severe malnutrition.

Please will you help provide water for working animals like Amani?

Your gift could help build a solar-powered borehole for these poor animals to drink from. This borehole will put an end to the agonising search for water and help rescue thousands of animals from deadly and horrific diseases.

Together, we can change the future for vulnerable working animals like Amani. Can they rely on you?

One Off

could help towards drilling the 110m borehole needed to access enough water to serve 7,200 working animals in desperate need


could pay towards a 5,000-litre tank, essential for storing water and preventing the needless of suffering of working animals


could help towards providing a water trough and kiosk that animals like Amani would use to access vital water every day