Everyday working donkeys across the world are facing the threat of horrific injury and pain due to road traffic accidents.

Working donkeys pull carts and carry loads along crowded, bustling roads with cars and lorries thundering past, perilously close. At night, the lack of street lights in many developing countries mean that the risks are even greater. By the time a driver sees an animal it is usually too late.

Tragically, less than one in 10 donkeys survive these roadside accidents. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Sophie’s story

Sophie, a four-year-old donkey in Morocco, faced a frightening and painful ordeal when a car struck her head on. Unlike most animals in similar situations, she survived the impact. But this so nearly wasn’t the case.

Thanks to urgent and expert treatment from our local SPANA vets we were able to save Sophie. The team carefully cleaned and stitched her wounds, and removed fragments of bone from around her eye. After four weeks of hospitalisation and extensive treatment, Sophie went home fully recovered.

How can you help?

Thankfully, we were able to save Sophie’s life, but putting a stop to these accidents in the first place is vital.

A simple piece of reflective material could have prevented Sophie and other donkeys from being hit and suffering agonising injuries. Reflective collars can protect the lives of donkeys in Morocco and other countries worldwide.

Sophie was very fortunate and now wears her reflective collar day and night to help avoid accidents in the future. Please don’t leave donkeys in the dark by supporting our Christmas appeal and help us give them a brighter future.

“I knew that I could count on SPANA’s staff to treat my donkey.” – Sophie’s owner

One Off

could help provide a lifesaving procedure for an animal like Sophie, and provide them with the essential aftercare they so desperately need to make a full recovery.


could go towards the cost of medicines and equipment our teams need to treat the severe wounds of an animal involved in a car accident.


could buy four reflective collars to protect a donkey like Sophie from being hit on the roadside.