Thousands of animals in Tunisia are still living without access to basic vet care, but with your help, we can reach 5,000 more each year. 

Our dedicated teams work hard to provide over 18,000 treatments across Tunisia each year, but despite our best efforts, thousands of owners are still unable to reach our expert vet care.

More than 100km from the nearest SPANA centre, Siliana is a remote and mountainous area with a harsh climate. Many people rely on working animals like horses and donkeys for their day-to-day survival, from collecting water and wood, to working their land and travelling to market. Living in impoverished, isolated villages, access to private vets or medicines for their animals can be either physically impossible or simply unaffordable.

A map of Siliana, Tunisia

We need your support to refurbish the new centre with an office, a pharmacy and eight stalls so animals in our care can be housed safely and comfortably. We also need to supply it with the medicine and equipment to treat animals suffering from a wide range of diseases.

You can watch a short video about our work in Tunisia or read the full report for more details.

Please, donate today.

If we don’t reach our appeal target of £89,733, then any funds raised will still be put towards setting up the new centre. If the generosity of supporters means we exceed our target, then any additional funds will go wherever the need is greatest.

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