In the far north of Kenya, the drought-ravaged Turkana region is in a state of emergency.  Most natural water sources have dried up, and where there is drought, starvation follows close behind.  Thousands of animals are already dead and many more are suffering terribly, in desperate need of our help.

Even hardy camels, so perfectly adapted to life in this extreme landscape, stand emaciated in the scorching sun. This camel, with young calf, shows signs of severe malnutrition. Its ribs protrude and its hump, its reserve of energy, is deflated.


While the situation is bleak, there is still hope. We desperately need to build another borehole to bring lifesaving water to the animals of Turkana.  A solar-powered borehole could be built in just six months and would bring clean water to 7,200 animals and 4,000 pastoralists every year.

In this blisteringly hot desert, the borehole will be powered by the sun and will save lives and ease suffering, not just today but for many years to come.

You can read all about the project in the full report and watch our short film about the Turkana drought crisis.

Please donate today and bring lifesaving water to thousands of animals.

Please be assured that even if we don’t reach our appeal target of £45,637, then any funds raised will still be put towards constructing a solar-powered borehole. If the generosity of supporters means we exceed our target, then any additional funds will go wherever the need is greatest.

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