Working animals are the forgotten victims of disasters around the world.

Cows, so thin you can see the outline of their ribs and so weak they can barely walk. Exhausted, they’re stacked up with their owner’s possessions, staggering because they haven’t eaten in days.

Other cattle, donkeys and livestock are so deprived of food that their bodies simply give up. Left in the sand, dirt and chaos, their carcasses slowly turn to dust. A sad tragedy and a disaster for their owners. When working animals are lost, so are communities’ livelihoods.

Together, we can support animals in crisis

SPANA protects working animals and their dependent communities in some of the world’s most insecure and dangerous regions. Our teams work year-round to help families to cope as well as they can with the impact of disaster.

By protecting working animals and livestock, we build stronger, more secure communities. This vital work can only be carried out with the help of our loyal supporters.

We need you because, unfortunately, it can be easy for people to forget about working animals during times of crisis. You can help make sure fewer animals starve, die of thirst, or in pain, by acting now.

One Off

could contribute towards a mass feeding programme for thousands of working animals affected by drought in countries like Ethiopia


could equip our vets with a full emergency kit containing essential vaccinations, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, needles and syringes, plus a catheter, fluid giving set, thermometer and stethoscope


could go towards the cost of building a water trough and kiosk which working animals can use to drink from every day