Working animals can die in agony from the preventable deadly disease tetanus without treatment for cuts and scratches. You can stop their pain today by helping to pay for this treatment and simple injections.

For six hours a day, seven days a week, Peanut staggers through mounds of waste with a backbreaking load of rubbish weighing him down.

Life doesn’t get any tougher for a donkey than working on the rubbish dumps of Bamako, Mali’s capital. Peanut, a three-year-old male we met this year, knows this only too well.

Peanut’s story

Our mobile vets met Peanut when his cuts and scratches had developed into raw open wounds. The cart he carries day after day had rubbed and rubbed his skin.

SPANA vets in Mali cleaned Peanut’s painful wounds, sprayed them with antiseptic and carefully dressed them. They also gave him an injection to prevent him developing tetanus.

This urgent treatment helped Peanut to heal. Our vets also provided the owner with better equipment to prevent painful sores, like harness padding and cushioned breast collars and showed him how to fit it properly.

SPANA vets treat over 100 preventable wounds every single day.

But too many, that we don’t reach, are needlessly dying. We need your help. Your donation could vaccinate working animals against tetanus and treat their wounds, saving their lives. If you can, please send a donation today so animals like Peanut survive.

One Off

can help treat an animal suffering from tetanus with antibiotics, fluids, vaccines, and hospital care for 4 days


can pay for 24 hours of lifesaving treatment for one rubbish dump donkey, like Peanut, suffering from painful colic


can help cover the cost of a tetanus vaccine for one wounded donkey