When a tiny splinter lodged itself in Nasa’s eye, she almost lost her sight – and nearly ended her life as a working animal.

Like many of the working animals we treat, Nasa carries goods from the market in Amman, Jordan, for her owner seven days a week. When she arrived at the SPANA clinic, her eye was terribly swollen and completely shut. She was in agony.

But sight isn’t something Nasa can afford to lose.

Without treatment, Nasa was at risk of going blind in one eye. Even a minor eye infection can quickly develop into disease and blindness if left untreated.

She was in pain, disoriented and at risk of tripping or harming herself.

Upon her arrival at the clinic, our vets found a severe ulcer on her left cornea and immediately admitted her to hospital.

If not treated urgently, Nasa would have lost her sight. Our vets flushed her eye to remove the splinter and administered painkillers and antibiotic eye drops every two to four hours, day and night, for several days.

Fortunately, Nasa’s treatment was successful. She was discharged when her medication could be reduced to two to three times a day, and our vets were confident that her owner could cope with her care.

There are thousands more animals like Nasa who need our support today. Together we can ensure we don’t lose sight of them.

One Off

could train more owners to make them aware of the signs and dangers of eye problems so fewer working animals suffer.


could help SPANA vets assess and treat eight working horses that, like Nasa, are at risk of losing their sight.


could buy antibiotic ointment and medicines to save the sight of three working animals.