Chanko, a working horse from Ethiopia recently suffered a potentially life changing injury while he was working in the dust and heat, carrying water for his owner Mohammad’s family.

When a sharp thorn entered his eye, it left it weeping and painful. The issue soon worsened and Chanko was facing blindness in one eye.

Even a minor eye injury can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Chanko’s eye was inflamed, extremely sore and weeping constantly. It was attracting a lot of flies, potentially carrying harmful disease. Not only was he in agony, but without treatment Chanko was in real danger of losing his sight permanently.

At the SPANA clinic, our vets wasted no time in administering anti-inflammatory eye drops, to ease his pain and save his sight. His owner continued to apply the eye drops, day and night, for one week, until the danger passed and thankfully Chanko made a full recovery.

Ocular conditions are among the most common we treat. Worldwide, we treated over 10,600 animals for eye conditions 2018, including nearly 3,000 horses and over 5,000 donkeys.

Demand for medicines is high, which is why supplies at many of our centres can run dangerously low.

Your support today is absolutely crucial in preventing the needless sight loss of working animals around the world.

Please help us treat more working animals like Chanko, before their eye conditions cause blindness.

One Off

could train more owners to make them aware of the signs and dangers of eye problems so fewer working animals suffer.


could help SPANA vets assess and treat eight working horses that, like Chanko, are at risk of losing their sight.


could buy antibiotic ointment and medicines to save the sight of three working animals.