In Zimbabwe, donkeys carrying heavy loads struggle for long hours every day in unbearable heat with little food or water.

Unsurprisingly, in conditions like this, injuries and illness are common. Parasitic infections, lameness and harness wounds frequently strike animals already weakened by hard work and hunger. The tragedy is that many injuries and illnesses can be easily treated, but the animals are too far from the nearest town to travel for treatment.

Your help is needed to support our vital mobile clinics which travel vast distances to reach animals in need every day. SPANA vets work tirelessly in countries like Zimbabwe to bring help to those in remote locations. They travel up to 500km in the mobile clinic, often treating over 150 desperate working animals a day, but there are always more animals in need of treatment.

Malnourished foal treated by a vet in Ethiopia

This donkey foal named Emily was brought to the mobile clinic in a dangerously weak condition. She was so malnourished and severely dehydrated that she could barely stand. Without the urgent treatment provided by SPANA vets, she would have died.

Help us reach more working animals in need. Your kind gift today will mean a better future, free from pain and suffering, for working animals, not just in Zimbabwe, but around the world.

One Off

could help restock mobile clinics with essential medical supplies, like syringes and bandages, so our vets can help more working animals in remote communities.


could pay for intravenous fluid therapy for a severely dehydrated donkey like Emily.


could cover the cost of cleaning and bandaging a donkey’s wound to prevent it becoming infected.


could pay for vital worming treatment for a donkey in Zimbabwe.