In the face of extreme poverty, the world’s most vulnerable animals must struggle on, overworked and starving as never before.

This is why SPANA’s vital work is more important than ever. Without the emergency feed, treatment and care our dedicated vets provide, the world’s hardest working animals would have nowhere to turn.

Just $20 could help feed an exhausted working animal for eight days.

Every animal we care for, every owner we train, every life we save… every single action we take to make the world a better place for working animals depends on donations from caring people like you.

We receive no government funding, and desperately need your support to reach animals at their lowest ebb.

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Zine’s Story

Four-week-old Zine was born with a knee deformity that meant he was unable to walk or even stand properly. His owner, Hassan, heard about SPANA through his neighbour and decided to make the 50km journey to the centre in Marrakech, Morocco. The vets applied a splint and bandages to each of Zine’s legs, and cared for him and his mother, Arika, for a two-week period.

When no improvement was seen, our vet decided to operate to correct the defects. The operation was successful and, with some aftercare, the foal was finally able to walk normally.

‘My foal is very important to me. Without SPANA, my foal couldn’t be treated as I can’t afford veterinary fees and long-term care.’
Hassan, owner

Nayef had to stay at the stables for 10 weeks while his injury healed. He was monitored closely during his stay, and our vets replaced his cast regularly. The cast was removed after six weeks and the team then gently introduced some physiotherapy to ensure the muscles and tendons in his leg recovered their strength. At 10 weeks, an X-ray revealed his leg had healed perfectly, and Nayef was able to go home.

Benacer said: ‘Many thanks to SPANA. I am grateful for the treatment my animal was given at the stables.’


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