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Clinical skills centre, Ethiopia

This year we are taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge to train the next generation of vets in Ethiopia through our Clinical Skills Teacher appeal. The fundraising target is £16,000 and the first £6,000 donated online will be doubled thanks to the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge!

You can support this appeal and help us win prizes of £1,000 and over in the Big Give Awards. The more we raise, the more chance we have of winning. More details on the Big Give can be found here.

Read below to learn how your donation can make the world of difference for working animals in Ethiopia.

I was almost hopeless when I saw my horse so sick,

said Dereje Ashenati when he brought Megala into SPANA’s Bishoftu centre in Ethiopia for emergency veterinary care.  Megala was on the verge of heart failure due to a strain of potentially fatal African Horse Sickness (AHS).  AHS kills two thirds of horses who become infected.

1-arrival-of-megalaSadly it is common in Ethiopia, causing untold pain for horses and disaster for families whose animals are their livelihoods. Fortunately, Megala reached the SPANA clinic in time and received life-saving treatment from SPANA vet and Clinical Skills Teacher Dr Reta Tesfaye and his team.

Tragically many horses are not as lucky as Megala. A desperate shortage of well-trained vets in Ethiopia means that, for many, the outlook is bleak. This is why it is so important that we train the next generation of Ethiopian vets – so that more working animals like Megala receive life-saving treatment.


Animals coming to SPANA’s Bishoftu centre are in the very best of hands – latest figures show a 75 per cent decrease in reported AHS fatalities where SPANA operates.

This is mainly due to our vaccination programme, but also the quick diagnosis and supportive care we provide. SPANA’s highly qualified Clinical Skills Teacher Dr Reta is a fantastic asset, training approximately 60 veterinary students per year. This gives them the practical skills they need so they too can save the lives of thousands of sick and injured animals like Megala.

Training each student vet costs SPANA just £89 per year, but funding for Dr Reta is running out. We urgently need to raise £16,000 to fund his post for three more years from January 2017.

A Clinical Skills Teacher will help turn veterinary students into confident and capable vets who will go on to save the lives of thousands of sick and injured animals over their lifetime – giving animals in one of the world’s poorest countries the highest quality care that they deserve.