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SPANA chief executive Jeremy Hulme recently wrote about his hopes for the future of SPANA and how our supporters could make that future even better by leaving a gift in their Will to help working animals.

Chief Executive Jeremy HulmeAt the moment, the future of SPANA feels more important than ever – as after 28 wonderful years with this charity, I’m retiring at the end of 2016.

When I joined SPANA, we worked in only three countries: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Now, we are getting help to hundreds of thousands of suffering working animals every year, through a permanent network of veterinary centres and mobile clinics across nine countries. And our wonderful supporters are the reason why.  Without them, no working animal would ever have received the lifesaving free veterinary care SPANA provides. Without them, there would be no vets trained and no owners taught how to better care for their animals. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done.

I’ve given a big part of my life to SPANA – for almost three decades, it’s been my life and soul. But it gives me comfort to know that SPANA will continue to do the good, humane, compassionate work it’s always done.  I suppose you could call this my personal legacy!

As I think of how we’ve grown and all we’ve achieved, I hope you don’t mind me raising the subject of leaving a gift to SPANA in your Will.  I know it is a big ask, but I’m asking on behalf of those poor hard-working animals who don’t have a voice.

I know that you may have family and close friends to consider first – I do understand. You may have many other calls on your generosity. I hope, however, that once you look after those closest to you, you might consider giving a better future to working animals with a gift in your will.
Jeremy Hulme with two donkey foals

The good your gift would do, in the fullness of time, is immense. Why? Because gifts in wills are vital to SPANA’s work. They’ve enabled us to help animals in countries we’d previously only dreamed of reaching. They’ve meant we’ve been able to train more vets than we otherwise could have done, to become positive forces for animal welfare in their communities.

And of course, these special gifts also helped spread values of respect and care more widely amongst the next generation: the children who themselves will one day own and depend on working animals for their livelihoods, and in turn hand down their values to their children.

Gifts in wills have been vital, funding around half of all the work we do.  So these gifts are essential if we are to continue our work in the future, and to go into more countries to help more animals in desperate need. They are truly profound in the effect they have on animal welfare.

Should you feel able to provide this very special kind of support, I know life will improve immensely for more working animals in more countries in the years to come. Your gift will help our work ripple out further and faster. And you can be sure that your gift, whatever its size, will always be needed and appreciated, however far in the future it may arrive.

Preparing or changing your will may seem like a daunting prospect but it needn’t be.  We’ve created a guide to leaving gifts in wills and a Q&A leaflet.  You can also find answers to a number of frequently asked questions (link to legacy FAQ page) on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for thinking of the future. My years working for SPANA have been my legacy and if you feel you are able to spare a little for your own legacy, then the future of working animals will be just that little bit brighter.

Thank you

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