Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


Ethiopia team

Spreading good skills to local farriers in Ethiopia

SPANA vet Cecilia organised a workshop to improve the skills of local farriers in Ethiopia.

White thin horse in stable

Helping animals through better nutrition

Find out about SPANA's work with Bullo the horse at our centre in Ethiopia.

Horse is being bandaged in stable

Getting a filly feeling better

A young horse called Sawda visited our veterinary centre in Morocco with some painful neck swellings.

Tunisia camel

Caring for camels in India

We have funded a mobile clinic to provide free treatment for working camels in Rajasthan, India.

Two boys smiling with SPANA workbooks

Stopping animal suffering through education

Our education programme is key to stopping working animals suffering from harm.

Ginger foal lying down

12 cutest animals of 2015

We’ve helped a lot of cute animals in 2015, here are some of the most adorable.

Thin cows walking in field

Food, glorious food: The impact of drought on working animals

Our vet Hannah travelled to Ethiopia to see the devastating impact drought is having on working animals.

Vet training outside

Community training in Ethiopia

Our Community Training Advisor visited Ethiopia to train Community Training Officers and working animal owners.

Donkey and owners

Improving donkey care in Kenya

Read about our efforts to improve donkey care in Kenya by funding Vetworks.

Man holding a donkey

A busy day at the Chemaia Clinic

Read about our volunteer vet Harriet's time with SPANA at our clinic in Chemaia, Morocco.

Morocco team

“Fetch the anaesthetist!”: Practical surgery sessions in Morocco

SPANA vet Hannah Davies describes running a practical surgery session in Marrakech.

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